Want discreet notifications? Put a ring (literally) on it with Ringly

Smart jewellry was only a matter of time and the funky rings are stylish ways to ignore your phone
Want discreet notifications? Put a ring (literally) on it with Ringly

While even Apple is joining the smartwatch fray, other wearable tech options haven't quite proliferated. Thankfully it seems jewellry is getting in on the wearable tech fun with Ringly opening up preorders for rings that will let you know if your phone is, well, ringing.

Clearly targetted at women, Ringly offers up four types of decidedly stylish rings at differing price points meant to discreetly notify wearers what is going on with their smartphones without actually needing to reach for the phones.

The notifications are also customisable and handily colour-coded, and the notification lights are discreetly embedded on the side of the ring where they won't be too noticeable or distracting. You could go a whole evening without looking at the ring for updates unless of course you want to.

Caller screening done stylishly

You can even set the ring so you can only pick up when say your babysitter, boss or significant other is trying to reach you. Of course you could eschew wearing the ring at all and just put your phone on silent but sometimes you can't run away from duty.

How do the rings work then? Bluetooth.  There's even a battery, accelerometer and a motor tucked into the rings. Which is pretty neat, considering how dainty they look.

As to how the rings look, they're pretty upmarket - the bands are made in 18K matter gold 3 micron plating, with precious and semi-precious stones. Currently the fall line has the following stones to choose from: onyx, emerald, sapphire and moonstone. Of course the dearer the stone, the pricier the ring.

Preordering now give you 25 per cent off the retail price and prices start from US$145 with the most expensive ring costing US$180. 

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