Want a BlackBerry wearable? It may be coming soon

A BlackBerry smartwatch or smart glass may be in the works
Want a BlackBerry wearable? It may be coming soon

BlackBerry – it’s no secret that it’s a brand that’s currently playing catch up with the other tech vendors when it comes to the smartphone space. But is that all that stands for the future of the company before its ECG rate goes flat?

Well, BlackBerry wants to show that it’s not going down without a fight. Even though it may be lagging behind in the smartphone space, it wants to be a leader in the wearables field, according to Computerworld.

President of BlackBerry enterprise solutions, John Sims, was quoted at the Super Mobility Week in Las Vegas, saying that it’s currently in the midst of doing “internal research on different wearables”. Apparently, this includes a smartwatch and a Google Glass-like smart glass.

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And there’s a high possibility that BlackBerry’s infamous BBM messenger service will be on the upcoming mystery wearable. We know many users also lover its physical qwerty keyboard, but we’re highly doubting that it will make it on the alleged smartwatch.

“I would love to have… BBM on a wearable. It’s definitely an area of research for us,” Sims said.

Social media has also been abuzz with people suggesting (read: mocking) their own renderings of what a BlackBerry smartwatch would look like – just a word of caution if you do come across any of these posts, they can be borderline insensitive.

But in all seriousness, since BlackBerry’s reigns were handed over to its relatively new CEO, John Chen, it’s been attempting to make a comeback with its gadgets. So the wearable space could possibly work out for the better for it. You might think chances are slim, but may the odds may be in its favour.

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