The Walking Dead: Michonne shambles onto gaming platforms on 23 February

Telltale's episodic series breaks for the popular heroine

Telltale Games makes the best licensed games around, and The Walking Dead remains the crown jewel in its bustling lineup: and later this month, there will be more of the grisly adventure to dig into.

The Walking Dead: Michonne is a notable break from the earlier releases, spotlighting the much-loved heroine from the comics and TV series rather than the core group of original characters created for the two prior game seasons. But otherwise, it should offer much the same kind of gruesome, heart-wrenching experience as you make difficult decisions in the zombie apocalypse.

For fans of the comics, the three-episode Michonne series takes place between issues #126 and #139, explaining exactly what the katana-wielding warrior was up to when she departed the group. In episode one, titled "In Too Deep," we see her joining Pete on the ship The Companion as they seek survivors and more - but based on the screenshots and teaser below, we presume it's not all smooth sailing ahead.

Curiously, Michonne won't be voiced by her actress from the TV show, but Telltale recruited another talented actress to fill the role: Samira Wiley, best known for Orange is the New Black.

The Walking Dead: Michonne - A Telltale Miniseries will drop its first episode on 23 February on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, with the iOS and Android versions following a couple days later on 25 February. A US$15 purchase upfront will also earn you access to "Give No Shelter" and "What We Deserve," the second and third episodes, when they release in March and April respectively.