Wake up to (fake) sunlight and birdsong with the sonoroCD 2

It’s a bedside CD player engineered to gently banish slumber

Alarm clock radios? No thanks, it’s not the 1990s anymore.

Pfft. This ain’t your average beside music box; the sonoroCD 2’s method of rousing you from your slumber is a bit more refined than “blast Chris Evans into your ears from six inches away”.

Go on then, tell me…

The CD player links up wirelessly with the sonoroLIGHT, a dimmer module that plugs into a power socket and any standard lamp (as long as it has a dimmable bulb). So in the run-up to your alarm sounding, your bedside lamp will gradually get brighter, simulating a real-life sunrise.

To further add to the effect, the player can pump out a smattering of birdsong or a selected tune. Like dedicated wake-up lights, the idea is to coax from the Land of Nod gradually, rather than rip out right out of a deep sleep. Supposedly, you’ll feel more energised and ready to tackle the day this way.

So it’s just about getting me out of bed?

No, the player/dimmer combo has a few other tricks up its sleeves: you can control lamp brightness via the player’s remote control or fascia, and the player itself comes pre-programmed with a bunch of meditation and relaxation sounds to help you chill out after a long day at the coalface.

And how much is this stress-busting going to cost me?

The sonoroCD 2 is out in the UK now, priced at around £350 (RM1945), while the sonoroLIGHT will arrive end of this year, priced at £39 (RM220). Malaysian local pricing and availability to come so stay tuned!