Wakē Alarm wakes up just one person - you

Now you can stop waking everyone else up in the house except maybe you, snooze alarm addicts

Alarm clocks: the “can't live with, can't live without” innovation of all time. It has assisted humans in waking up on time for duties, painfully. Now, people are being creative about making alarm clocks, making it harder for you to hit the snooze button in perpetuity. But what about an alarm clock that wakes you up without waking up anyone who happens to be next to you - your partner or maybe even your dog?

The right person waking up at the right time

Now how does it work?  The alarm is mounted  on the wall above the bed. It uses special tracking software and an infrared camera to determine who is lying down. Wakē will silently move into position and aim when Its time to wake a person up. And then it directs a light burst of sound and light into the target person’s face.

Hopefully you have stopped laughing by now, let's tell you what happened next. Wakē, you see, uses parametric speakers that are capable of focusing sound on a direct beam therefore not disturbing the person next to you. In future, Wake’s creators may add more features such as tracking sleep patterns to determine when one is in REM sleep.

Wakē is currently available on Kickstarter with a minimum pledge of US$249 (RM912). If it gets funded, expect your personal alarm to be shipped around September.

[Source: Digitaltrends]