Waggit is Fitbit...for your dog

If you want to know just how your dog is doing anytime, everytime, this is for you

Wearable fitness trackers are gaining a lot more momentum, so it's not surprising someone finally made one for dogs.

Is Rufus OK?

The Waggit Kickstarter project is all about creating a special collar to track your dog's health stats. It's already fully funded despite its pricey tag, which isn't surprising considering how many indulgent pooch-parents there are these days.

What the collar does is house a tracker that you can connect to the Waggit app on your phone. It's waterproof and flexible, made of bendable rubber.

If your dog's vitals suggest an issue, you'll get alerts on the app. Competitive pawrents can compare your dog's activity levels to that of other dogs on the Waggit leaderboard.

Wondering if your dog needs to go on a diet? You can track its calories burned too.

Waggit will put you US$279 (S$380) out of pocket, and that's not all - the company only ships to US, Canada and Mexico for the moment, so you might need to use a dropship service if you're based elsewhere.

Cat owners, don't sulk. Apparently cats will get their own collar in the second version of the product.

[Source: iMore]