W Hotel Offers Mukbang Experience With Room Service, Mic And Smartphone Stand

A whole new experience for foodies.

Mukbang has become one of the stranger trends to come out of the internet. Who knew that watching people eat copious amounts of food on the Internet would be one of the biggest trends of the 2010s? As such, W Hotel is doing the smart move and offering their own Mukbang platter to serve to Internet savvy guests.

The Sip & Slurp menu offers guests a 9 dish meal, all served in large quantities, complete with a mic and smartphone stand served with the meal to complete the mukbang experience. W Hotel produced a video with Queer Eye’s culinary expert, Antoni Porowski, who gave a tour of the dishes served. The meal is exclusive to room service, so guests must book a room as well as order the Sip & Slurp an hour ahead of time.  

The meal features two whole appetiser platters, two different burgers, a surf and turf dish with filet mignon and lobster tail, a cheese and charcuterie board, a large plate of truffle fries, and finishing off with a carrot cake tower and cherry pie. These dishes are not available to be ordered ala carte and are only available through this Mukbang meal.

The Sip & Slurp Mukbang meal costs around MYR 1,200, and is currently only available at the Washington DC W Hotel until the end of 2019, with other locations might pick it up soon. Hopefully, W Hotel KL will hope on this bandwagon as well.