The Vphone S8 is a super-small touchscreen phone

You definitely won't be staring at this phone's screen for too long

While everyone else is making thinner or funkier smartphones, the VPhone S8 aims to be the smallest and how.

Small enough to bring anywhere

How small are we talking here? A 1.54in display and it looks a lot more like a smartwatch minus straps, with its square design and 9.9mm thickness. It also has a 2.5D curved screen and a choice of either silver or black finishes.

As for what runs it, there is an MTK2502 processor, 64MB of RAM as well as 128MB of storage space with microSD expandability. Also onboard is a microSIM slot as well as a pedometer, heart rate monitor and Bluetooth 4.0.

Like a smartwatch, you can hook this device up via Bluetooth to another smartphone to remotely control the other phone's camera. Apart from that, there is a sleep monitor as well.

Of course, the phone isn't touted as a replacement for your phone but more as the "purest thinnest emergency phone".

You can order one online at Gearbest for US$30.64 (RM130), with shipping commencing 30 November. Sounds like either the perfect gag gift or an alternative for someone who wants a second phone for overseas trips or work calls.

[Source: GizmoChina]