Volvo’s Lounge Console puts first-class comfort in the XC90 Excellence

Because everybody likes legroom no matter the transport method

“Take me to the Shanghai World Financial Center, Chen.”

“Very well, sir. Kick back, stretch out, and put your feet up, I will have you there in a jiffy. Meanwhile, you can catch up on the news via the 17in foldaway screen, or check your emails on the large worktable, just flip the screen down.”

“Your Fonderie 47 cufflinks are in the tuckaway compartment, and the custom Cartier necklace you ordered for your wife is in the jewellery tray.”

"Oh, you’ve got a spot of mud on your shoes! Worry not, sir, there’s a spare pair of Church’s for emergencies such as this just underneath the padded leg rest. I will get them for you later. Yes, that’s a storage box by the shoes, I’ll lock the Cartier into it later. I thought you’d like to take a look at it first.

"Leave me alone, Chen."

"Very well, sir, we're on our way”

*The XC90 Excellence Lounge Console is just an interior concept for now, but it could very well be made available in China for the practically indulgent businessman if he so demands it.

Source: Wired