Vivo AR Glasses To Debut During MWC Shanghai 2019

The glasses will be the company’s first venture into Augmented Reality

Chinese smartphone maker Vivo is more than excited to share what they have in store for Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai which begins tomorrow. Aside from teasing an upcoming 5G smartphone and also their 120W Super FlashCharge technology during the event, the company is set to showcase their first Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses as well.


Based on the recently released teaser, Vivo’s AR glasses will offer users a large display with 110-inch viewing experience in 3D. Other than that, not much is known of the device. At least until its full reveal during their press conference during MWC Shanghai 2019.

Aside from Microsoft and Google who have dabbled in AR respectively with the Hololens and Google Glass, it will be interesting to see what Vivo has to offer with their glasses which could appeal to consumers.

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