Virtual reality: Volkswagen unleashes ludicrous Gran Turismo-inspired Golf GTI Roadster

Gamers rejoice! VW makes videogame speed machine a reality, but don’t start saving for that deposit just yet…
Virtual reality: Volkswagen unleashes Gran Turismo-inspired Golf GTI Roadster

Don’t tell us, another manufacturer has designed a vehicle that will be available to download in Gran Turismo 6…You’re right; but Volkswagen clearly swallowed some crazy pills and actually built the manic GTI Roadster concept you see in front of you. And do you know what’s more bonkers? It packs around 500bhp underneath that elongated snout.

That’s great, but it'll never enter production, will it? We very much doubt it as boring factors such as feasibility and price will likely put the brakes on a production model. Which is a shame, because it looks a lot more fun than a Passat.

So are the performance figures ‘virtual’, too? Actually, no. The Golf GTI Roadster concept packs a very real 3.0-litre V6 biturbo TSI engine that develops a very scary 496bhp and a potentially painful 540Nm torque. Everything is driven through a seven-speed DSG gearbox and eventually piped to all four wheels for maximum traction.

VW Golf GTI Roadster
VW Golf GTI Roadster

How fast is it? Expect to tickle the 190mph mark and accelerate from 0-62mph in just 3.6 seconds. You may leave your face behind, though; the Roadster is decidedly lacking in the roof department, practicality not being a major consideration when your car's designed for a video game.

It doesn’t sound much like any VW we know, who is behind it?Designers Malte Hammerbeck, Domen Rucigaj and Guillermo Mignot came up with the angular concept, while Klaus Bischoff, head of design for Volkswagen, and Kazunori Yamauchi of Sony Computer Entertainment plucked it from a batch of submissions. VW liked it so much, they made one.

Can we have a go, then? You could book a flight to Austria and ask the Volkswagen representatives if they’ll let you have a drive while it’s on display at the Lake Worthersee meeting, or you can download it and ‘pretend’ to drive it in GT6 from mid-June. The latter is probably easier.

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