Vine revamps website, looks a lot like YouTube

Now you can flick through a succession of 6-second videos from your desktop without even installing Vine
Vine revamps website, looks a lot like YouTube

Hey, look, everyone’s favourite mobile video app has updated...its website.

Now why is this a big deal in the age of smartphones and mobile browsing? Because, and this might come as a surprise, people still want to watch videos on big screens.

Vine is doing its best to be the place for you to both upload and watch videos. Unlike YouTube, though, it prefers six second clips that won’t take much of your time to watch so you could technically watch ten or more Vines in the same time you watch a minute-long video.

So many videos

The good: the revamp actually looks pretty slick. It’s obvious they put some thought into the layout and colour scheme of the website as it's very easy on the eyes - clean, not cluttered and loads pretty fast.

The bad: the way it uses icons to represent channels without actually telling you what those channels might contain. Not everyone on smartphones are as savvy about icons and what they might or might not represent. And not everyone has the time to be clicking on the icons to find out what channels they represent.

But there are other things to discover too. There are now playlists, featured videos and trending tags. You can also look at the most popular videos and while you’re browsing, random clips will play behind the site’s search bar. The latter feature might either be great or distracting, we’re not sure.

You no longer need a Vine account nor the app to enjoy what's on the website, which is great. How then does it encourage people to use the service in the first place?

What we predict: more ads appearing on Vines or the website. What Vine has to do is to figure out a way to get more people using and eyeballing its clips and perhaps this revamp will get it there.

It also has to look out for competitors like Flickr and Instagram that are now allowing video on their websites, though the latter is doing better than the former in the mobile space.

[Source: The Verge]