Video: Here's a quick peek at BBM for Android

Video shows working port of BlackBerry's mainstay app though question remains if anyone will use it
BBM Android

If you've traded away your BlackBerry for an Android phone, you might feel a little nostalgic seeing CrackBerry's video of BBM working on Android. But with WhatsApp, LINE and other cross-platform apps already available it is hard to see how this might make an impact. 


The four-minute long-video shows a smooth-running app, which looks pretty much like how it looks like on the newer BlackBerries. It includes features like being able to add contacts via NFC and replicates much of the BBM experience.

Location-sharing isn't allowed as yet though there's no saying that it won't be added later. What is certain is that BlackBerry has yet to demonstrate why anyone who hasn't experienced BBM would want to, with all the freely-available alternatives. What BBM needs is a killer feature apart from 'now everyone can BBM' but making it available on Android is still a step in the right direction for the phone maker. 

Based on reports, the Android version of BMM should be out by this month. Till then, check out our BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 reviews as well as our BlackBerry Q5 unboxing video.

[Image source: CrackBerry]

[Source: CrackBerry]