Video diary app Present is a gift to all mobile vloggers

For moving moments, this is where it's app

If still images isn’t life-revealing enough for you, you might want to get on Present - a video-blogging platform.

Officially launched today, the app aims to help people capture the moment - hence the name.

"But there is already Vine, and Instagram does video too."

We hear you, nitpicker. What makes Present stand out is its two-minute limit on videos. So you can capture that priceless memory of your dog getting into the trash and subsequently dragging last night’s dinner all over the place.

Create your own timeline of moving memories, and easily edit them until they look better than the actual events. Get music to set it to thanks to the access you’re allowed to the iTunes library. You can also choose to make your videos public or private. Whatever your settings, you’ll have a timeline of moving moments to easily look back on. What a gift. 

Download it for free for iOS and Android.