Vetigel, a bandaid gel that stops bleeding in seconds

Rather than just seal up openings, this plant-based gel also works on soft tissue like organs
Vetigel, a bandaid gel that stops bleeding in seconds

A nightmare scenario - accidents. Severe injury usually means bleeding and if you've had any emergency training whatsoever, you would know that stopping that bleeding is crucial.

Bandages by themselves do not actually stop blood from flowing, but a company, Suneris, says its plant-based gel Vetigel can kickstart the natural blood clotting process and stop the bleeding.

Single application, no expertise necessary

Vetigel, its creators say, is a way to induce hemostasis (the arrest of blood flow) in a mere 20 seconds or so.

How does it do that? What happens is that it works by mimickin the body's cells while promoting the production of fibrin, a substance that allows blood to clot quickly. Just a single application is needed to create a clot that will hold-up long enough without needing a second application.

After the gel has stopped the bleeding, an additional solidifying agent can be applied to form a barrier over the wound. The gel can then be removed or be allowed to gradually reabsorb into the body.

While it in theory sounds amazing, Suneris says the gel is not ready yet to be used on humans. But it is marketing it to veterinarians for the moment but is still working to make it a viable medical aid for humans. If it does happen, it's likely the first in line for Vetigel will be the military.

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[Source: CNet]