Vessyl smart cup knows just how much sugar is in your coffee

It can also tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi, and let you know just how bad that smoothie is for your diet
Vessyl cup knows just how much sugar is in your coffee

The quest for the ultimate coffee never ceases, it seems. Case in point: the Vessyl smart cup that can detect what you're drinking and tell you whether it's good for you or not. 

Startup Mark One’s idea of a smart cup is something that on first glance looks like a very swank drinking cup but what you don’t see is all the sensors crammed into it.

What is that you're drinking?

Behind the cup is an interesting partnership: Justin Lee, a biomedical computing specialist, and renowned Yves Béhar, designer of the Jawbone Up and Jambox speakers.

What a lot of people don’t realise is how much calories they actually consume when they drink, often underestimating the amount. Vessyl doesn’t just track calories but caffeine and sugar. Plus, it has its own hydration metric called Pryme.

Pryme is an interesting concept – tracked via a phone app, it lets you know just how much hydration you’re getting from the liquid in your Vessyl. The team behind Vessyl researched a lot of drinks, testing out the capabilities of the cup and found that not only could it tell between Coke and Pepsi, it could even differentiate a brand of orange juice from its non-pulp version.

But would the Vessyl be able to differentiate drinks that aren’t pre-packaged, such as mixed drinks and cocktails? Could it take on harder liquors even? That’s not entirely clear at this point. What you can see when you peep into the cup is a glowing blue light while the sensors take around 30 seconds to analyse and identify what you’re drinking.

Lee sees much potential in the health realm for Vessyl, with Mark One already in talks with wearable fitness tracker companies. The Vessyl is on pre-order right now for US$99, a steal considering the retail price is US$199. Mark One hopes to make US$50,000 in pre-orders and start shipping by 2014.

But if you're not all that keen to know (or care) about your coffee's calories but would rather it just be the perfect temperature, check out the Temperfect mug instead.

[Source: CNet]