Vespa's creators make robot that carries your stuff for you

This robot carryall is cuter than a backpack

Technology these days seems to be made especially for lazy people. The people behind the Vespa, Piaggio Fast Forward understands that and has come up with a little carry-all robot called Gita.


Cutest mule ever

The Gita is a personal cargo robot capable of hauling 40 pounds of supplies, either by following a human operator around or even automously with a map.

It's also fairly fast, being able to match speeds of 22mph and has an impressive zero turning radius, which means it can navigate sidewalks with ease.

On first look, you might be forgiven for thinking it's just a very oddly-shaped vacuum since it looks more like an upright robo-cleaner than it does the usual impression of what a robot looks like.

Right now Gita is being tested in business-to-business applications, but eventually could be released for individual use. Full details will come out on Gita's official launch this 2 February.

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[Source: Engadget]