Verizon’s 5G Wifi Hotspot Retails For MYR 2,670

The MiFi spells a grim future for 5G access.

5G has been the hottest innovation to shake up the smartphone industry, promising to provide a whole new world of Internet speed in the palms of our hands. Smartphone giants like Apple, Huawei, and Samsung have all preempted the arrival of 5G by announcing 5G versions of their flagships. And now, the first 5G Wifi hotspot has just been announced.

American telco company Verizon has announced their 5G Wifi Hotspot, the Inseego MiFi M1000. For USD 649.99 or just about MYR 2,670, this device can be yours, and yes it is just the device; additional charges for actual Internet access will cost a little extra, at around USD 30 or MYR 120 per month. This extra charge will provide the user with 50 GB of 5G data and an additional 15 GB of LTE data.

Now it wouldn’t be a modern smart device without Verizon offering some sort of contract or monthly instalment plan, as the MiFi can be bought under a two-year contract at the price of USD 499 or about MYR 2,050. A monthly plan for the device will set you back around USD 27 or MYR 110 for every month for two years.

While we may not have Verizon or 5G in Malaysia just yet, this does give a clue to what telco companies here like Maxis and Celcom might be charging for their 5G services in the future, so it’s best we be prepared for astronomical pricings when 5G is finally ready for Malaysia.