Valve Steam Box reveal could happen as early as next week

We might see Valve making its assault on the living room with new hardware very soon - W00T!
Xi3 Piston

Gabe Newell, co-founder of Valve, has hinted at big developments in the world of Linux gaming that could see the appearance of the much-touted Valve Steam Box in the coming weeks.

The Steam Box is expected to bridge the gap between PC and console, bringing the Steam gaming experience to a sofa near you as a natural extension of Steam's Big Picture mode. This will not be music to the ears of the Xbox One and PS4.

Valve's Hot Box

Speaking at LinuxCon 2013 in New Orleans, Newell extolled the virtues of Linux's open platform and its possibilities for the future of PC gaming.

He also said that Valve would next week be revealing more information about hardware that brings Linux into the living room. Could this be the Valve Steam Box that Newell has already confirmed the company is working on?

Earlier this year, the Xi3 Piston "modular computer chassis" (pictured above) was tipped to be the Steam Box, after the company announced a partnership with Valve. Things have gone a bit quiet since, and indications are that Valve is working on either its own hardware or a set of specifications for third-party manufacturers

Newell said there are 198 Steam games running on Linux at present, and that Steam's sales have grown by 79 per cent – making it seemingly a very good time to launch the Steam Box.

Our sofa cushions are trembling in anticipation.

[Source: Ars Technica]