Valve previews prototype VR controllers with a difference

New controllers help simulate grabbing motions within a VR environment

It's the annual Steam Dev Days conference happening in Seattle right now, where Valve will usually share what's coming to the Steam platform and occasionally drop hardware or games-related news.

Valve just showed off some new hardware in the form of new VR touch controllers to add new dimension to the VR experience.

[Image source: @shawncwhiting]

Hello new immersive experience

The new VR motion controller will not replace the current HTC Vive controller, being still in prototype and Valve is likely to take into account developer feedback on the new design.

This particular controller will be strapped to players' hands, allowing for a more natural simulation of grasp or other hand movements, similar to the current Oculus Touch controllers.

With the controllers on, players could simulate gripping as well as dropping virtual objects in-game. You could see this being useful in, say, fighting games where gamers might pick up or switch different weapons or interact with virtual environments.

Besides the prototype controllers, Valve also announced 360-degree video steaming coming soon to Steam as well as video coming to the Steam Android and iOS apps.

Valve will also incorporate support for the Playstation 4 dual-shock controller in an upcoming update, welcome news for PS4 users, even though Valve is apparently also working on updating its own controller.

[Source: TheVerge]