Valve adds music playback to Steam

Perhaps a nice way to ensure more sales of videogame soundtracks, not that we're complaining
Valve adds music playback to Steam

In just a few days since the last update, Valve has tweaked Steam again to add a music player of all things. Steam Music Player is live and working as intended from our testing. The music player works by checking out the folders where you would usually find music and allowing you to play them.

If you happen to have games that come with soundtracks (hello special edition games) then they're immediately accessible on your Steam Music Player, hurrah.

Game music we love

Valve adds music playback to Steam

There's one tiny little catch to this musical goodness, though. The game has to be installed for you to enjoy the music if the music waas sold as a game DLC. Game not installed? Music thus becomes unavailable, which is a funny quirk and slightly annoying if you occasionally uninstall games to save hard disk space.

To celebrate the new feature, Valve has a sale (but of course) on Half-Life, Half-Life 2 and both Portal games. These games all come with a perk: free soundtrack DLC! If you already own those games then just get downloading to enjoy sweet, sweet game tunes. If you happen to have Civilization V installed, you will probably see the soundtrack included as well.

There are other little tweaks that come with the update which you can see here. Among them including tweaking the UI for Mac retina displays, fixing assorted bugs like Steam crashing during screen capture during games as well as using friends' nicknames in notifications.

If you care to look closely you will also notice tweaks to the main window UI to further streamline the Steam experience. In-House Streaming also gets a boost - good news for AMD hardware users as the encoding quality has been improved.

While the update should be downloaded automatically, on our end we needed to go to the "Check for Steam Client Updates" command from the Steam menubar. Do it if you're feeling impatient.

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