Users are reporting Samsung S7 cameras are shattering for no reason

It's the newest Samsung mystery after the unexplained Galaxy Note 7 combustions

2016 isn't being very kind to Samsung yet again.

This time, users are reporting that cameras on their S7/S7 Edge and S7 Active models are shattering even without being dropped.

No drop breakage

Despite the camera breaking without impact, it seems users have been unable to get Samsung to cover such occurences under its warranty.

The cause of this inexplicable shattering is as yet unknown but perusal of Samsung user forums show that this does not seem to be a isolated or rare occurence.

Samsung's response so far has been to insist the lens will only break on physical stress and charging at least US$70 to fix broken camera lens.

In the US, law firm Keller Rohrbach stated it was investigating the matter, asking affected users to contact the firm to discuss potential legal claims.

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[Source: Digitaltrends]