The US$75,000 Mercier-Jones Supercraft is the hovercraft that Batman would drive

What, your supercar can only drive on the road? This hovercraft will take you across sand and sea in style
Mercier-Jones Supercraft

Is that a car? A boat? Neither; this is the Mercier-Jones Supercraft, a hovercraft for multi-millionaires that's inspired by supercars like the Bugatti Veyron. But unlike a supercar, you can drive it across a lake.

Is it as fast as it looks? Yup – it's got a hybrid-electric powertrain with a liquid-cooled 60hp two-rotor engine and twin electric motors, delivering a combined 102hp and taking it to an estimated top speed of 128kph. Unsurprisingly, the manufacturers reckon it stands a good chance of tackling the 90.5ph land-speed and 139kph water-speed records.

Mercier-Jones Supercraft
Mercier-Jones Supercraft

What about fixtures and fittings? This is a hand-built luxury vehicle, so you won't want for creature comforts; it's made of carbon fibre and packs in GPS, an Android-powered cockpit display, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, a 4-speaker sound system with an optional subwoofer, F1-style seats, wood trim and refrigerated personal drink wells. Because what sort of animal would drink a tepid martini in their hovercraft?

How much? Expect to pay top dollar for the Supercraft – it'll start at US$75,000 (RM247,540), with ten collectors' editions going on sale in May and a further 50 available by October this year.

Does it come in black? Yes, Bruce Wayne, it does. In "Gotham Night," appropriately enough.

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