US$1m mech suit is all your robot dreams come true

It seems there really is a Macross in our collective future after all
US$1m mech suit is all your robot dreams come true

Things you can apparently buy on Amazon Japan now: a one-of-a-kind rideable mech suit. Now don't run for your credit card just yet - the Kuratas mech suit goes for a cool ¥120,000,000 (RM3.6 million).

All that money apparently only buys you the body and not the arms. And apparently it's just a starter kit so unless you have some secret heavy industry lab you've got hidden in a bunker, don't be too excited about owning it just yet.

A long way to mech suits everywhere

Suidobashi Heavy Industry is the brains behind the mech suit, which isn't exactly new. The mechanised rig has been making demonstration rounds and apparently has its own website to sell the mech suits for some time now.

The mech suit isn't as yet capable of flying, moving around instead on wheels. You can, however, custom the robot with weapons though we highly doubt they'd let anyone less than a defence department order those for their custom mechs.

While the robots are certainly anime-fantasies come true, where and how would they be used in real life? The sheer bulk of the mech suits make transport and modifications serious business and only practical for those with access to huge cash reserves.

Now we await with bated breath the news someone finally buys one of these things from Suidobashi.

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[Source: Engadget]