Upgraded Nintendo Switch Models Will Be Priced At MYR 1,299 And Arrive This Month

Better Switch hardware will be coming mid-August.

The Nintendo Switch has been proven as a bona fide hit, with its user base increasing as more and more games are released. Since its release, the Switch’s pros and Joy-cons have been revealed, with many suggesting an upgraded version to be coming soon; ala the Game Boy Advance SP. Since then, Nintendo has announced two Nintendo Switch upgrades.

The first being the upgraded base model Nintendo Switch, which we’ve covered before. The main upgrade comes with its expanded battery life, which allows the Switch to last up to 9 hours undocked. Impulse Gaming has announced on their Facebook page that the upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch will be coming sometime this month, with a price MYR 1,299.

The other version of the Nintendo Switch, the handheld-focused Nintendo Switch Lite, will in fact be coming to store shelves on September 20th. No official pricing has been announced just yet, but Impulse Gaming has said that they estimate the price to be around MYR 850 to MYR 999. Pre-orders are now live with a minimum MYR 50 deposit.

So if you’re looking to jump on the Nintendo Switch wagon, now is the best time. Whether you’d rather have a Nintendo Switch that can be enjoyed in only handheld mode, or a Switch that can be enjoyed as both a console and handheld, the choice is yours.