Updated GSC App Requires You To Register Again; Old Accounts Likely Lost

It looks like there's no birthday movie tickets in the future either

As one of the top cinemas in Malaysia, Golden Screen Cinema (GSC)'s app has been a necessity for many movie-goers. GSC has recently updated their website and even their app, but to our surprise it looks like we have to not only sign in again, but register a new account as any existing GSC account is no longer valid.

That's right, all your movie history is now officially gone and it seems even the new registration lacks an input for your birthdate so at the moment, so any free movie tickets for your birthday may not be available in the future. We're uncertain on whether those who bought tickets for future movies have been affected and whether they can still watch the movies they booked for now that their account is gone, but it's likely they will have to depend on their email as proof of ticket instead of the app to watch the movie.

There's plenty to say about the new UI of the app too, in which currently it looks buggy and it isn't easy to access nearby cinemas. For now, we recommend you don't book any movies using the GSC app until GSC irons out any possible bugs and issues. In the meantime, here's hoping they can somehow reinstate old accounts rather than force people to register again.