UPDATED: Amazon’s smartphone revealed in purported leaked render, launch imminent

Major product announcement on June 18, all signs pointing to a phone launch in teaser video
Amazon's rumoured smartphone

UPDATE: Amazon's launching something on June 18 and it looks like the phone is finally coming, if the launch video out on YouTube is any indicator.

If the above image is to be believed, we’re getting our first full, unadorned glimpse of Amazon’s debut smartphone.

BGR obtained the shot, which is said to be an internal reference render for graphic designers at the online retailer, and it matches well with previously leaked photos and details of the long-rumoured device.

As shown, the phone doesn’t seem to be aiming for a distinctive aesthetic, coming across like an innocuous blend of an iPhone 5c and a Galaxy S5, or really any notable recent handsets.

We’ve heard a lot about Amazon’s smartphone ambitions lately, with the device said to feature a whopping six cameras, including five up front that allow for extensive head tracking to support its 3D screen. That will allow the display’s effects to work from more than one angle, making for a superior result over something like the Nintendo 3DS.

Otherwise, the device is rumoured to feature a 4.7in 720p display and quad-core Snapdragon processor with 2GB RAM—mid-range specs, in line with Amazon’s value-minded approach—and an overhauled version of Android like that seen on its Kindle Fire tablets. That likely also means that apps, games, and media will only be available through Amazon’s own digital storefront.

We’re intrigued about the so-called Prime Data plan that’s rumoured, though it’s unclear what kinds of perks will be offered with the data package. Amazon’s smartphone is expected out in the third quarter this year, so we’ll hopefully hear something official very soon.

Looks like a phone, sounds like a phone

In the video, the customers all look down at something and enthuse about how 'intuitive', 'cool' and 'awesome' it is.

Since it is unlikely to be something as mundane as a barcode scanner and it's a mite too soon for a Kindle update then we're calling it.

[Source: BGR]

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