UPDATE: U Mobile's WiFi calling is iOS only, Android support in Q3

Fragmentation of Android phones reason why feature not live yet

U Mobile is beating Digi by being the first carrier to launch VoWiFi or Voice over WiFi. The telco is calling its new feature WiFi calling because that's what it does - allow you to make calls or texts with just a WiFi connection.

It's pretty handy especially for telcos who might not have as wide a coverage or where there are dead zones - areas with too many high-rise obstructions or network congestion.

You will however need a compatible device for the feature to work, not a problem if you have a high-end device or at least an iPhone 5C or Samsung Galaxy S5.

Digi is planning to roll out the feature as well, revealing as much to reporters a while back but U Mobile is beating the telco to the punch by announcing its WiFi Calling this Thursday, 28 May.

We'll let you know the details, including whether the telco is going to charge extra for it and if it will be available on all plans, including prepaid.

UPDATE: U Mobile finally launched the service officially today, but also revealed the feature will be iOS-only for now as the many different Android phones/versions have proven a tricky challenge for the telco. Android support will be coming but U Mobile thinks it will only likely be in Q3 this year.

As for the benefits of the feature? WiFi calls will be treated like normal calls made on the network, meaning, no, calls will not be free unless you have free minutes or unlimited calls on your mobile. Still, it might be one way to beat roaming charges when overseas as you can make calls on WiFi instead of via cellular. Pretty handy and a great feature for frequent travellers.

[Source: Soyacincau]