UNIQLO Fortnite UT Collection T-Shirt And Sweatshirts Arrives This 20 December 2019 In Malaysia

I be flossin'

With Fortnite being one of the most popular games in recent history, it was just a matter of time until UNIQLO launches their own Fortnite UT Collection. Well, that time is just around the corner.

The t-shirt and sweatshirts will be featuring popular in-game outfits and items, most notably the iconic Loot Llama, Cuddle Team Leader, and Slurp Juice, the 13-piece line comprises T-shirts in eight designs, each priced at RM59.90, and sweats in five designs, at RM129.90 each.

There is a special site dedicated to the collection, but there isn't much on it yet so do keep an eye out on that link for more info! Until then, check out the t-shirt collections: