Unifi 30Mbps now available in all Unifi areas

Somewhere in the background we hear the ones who signed contracts recently, weeping

Recently Unifi has been sending out emails to customers to offer an upgrade to 30Mbps, which was previously offered as a trial in selected areas in the Klang Valley. So if you are a Unifi user, you are in luck as you can upgrade to 30Mbps for just RM210 per month.

This package is not even available on TM’s online site yet but were confirmed by Menara TM themselves. If you are wondering what's the difference between the new 30Mbps and the old Unifi VIP packages, the upload speed for the VIP packages are similar with the download speed whereas the 30Mbps package limits upload speed at 5Mbps.

With the 30Mbps plan, users are also charged a low rate of 21cents/minute for every call to either fixed lines or mobile.  Another difference is that the VIP package users have optional access to HyppTV vernacular packs while the 30Mbps package has inclusive HyppTV vernacular packs such as Aneka, Ruby or Varnam pack.

For those with VIP package, you do not need to terminate their account if you are interested to upgrade to the 30Mbps package. But you will be tied down to a 2-year contract as this is also compulsory to new users who want to sign up for the package.

[Source : Lowyat]