UNI-CUB β: Honda's real-life WALL-E mobility chariot

Auto manufacturer determined to realise the future dystopia seen in Pixar's sci-fi film
Honda UNI-CUB β

Not content with creating the ASIMO robot manservant, Honda has taken another step closer to the future dystopia of WALL-E with its newly-revealed UNI-CUB β personal travel pod.

The UNI-CUB β, set to be shown off at the Tokyo Motor Show, is the second generation version of Honda's personal mobility device – it's smaller and lighter than the first-gen version, and features a lower seating position.

They see me rollin'

The UNI-CUB β uses an omnidirectional driving wheel system, allowing you to move the device around by leaning in the intended direction of travel. Or, if you don't fancy rocking back and forth, you can control it using a smartphone app. Its Lithium-ion battery provides the juice to propel you at spectacular speeds of up to 3mph for three miles – though you're limited to "barrier-free indoor environments." And stairs are, obviously, out of the question.

Honda's planning to offer the UNI-CUB β out to Japanese businesses and organisations to test out demand for the device – though as it is, it's more of a showcase for the ingenuity of its ASIMO engineers than a viable travel machine.