Umobile's Power Prepaid serves up a ton of freebies every month

The telco wars just keep heating up

U Mobile has launched a new prepaid plan for high speed internet lovers that is also easy on the wallet. The plan gives its users free basic internet, free high-speed internet, free calls and more every single month.

Funny that Maxis was the one that started with the free basic internet packages and now other telcos are following suit. You are given 1GB of high-speed internet access for free every single month, yes, every.single.month.forever.

The starter pack will only cost you RM8.50 and will come preloaded with RM5 credit. The pack comes with free basic internet, free 200MB of high-speed internet and 150 minutes of free calls that is only valid for 10 days. The call rates to all networks are at only 5sen/30seconds which is only just 10sen per minute across all networks making U Mobile one of the most affordable networks. Users are also given free 450 minutes of voice calls to U Mobile numbers, again, every month. 

To get your free 1GB of high-speed internet every month you just need to top-up a minimum of RM10/month, as every ringgit topped-up is valid for one day, which means to keep your network active you may need to top-up RM30 every month, but it is still considerably affordable.

Daily, users are given free on-net calls for 15 minutes a day for up to 10 days, and after that, every Ringgit topped-up gives users 15 minutes free calls per day, totalling to 450 minutes a month. The free basic internet is limited to 2GB per month and if you exceed the limit, you wont be able to connect to the internet anymore.

Remember, terms and conditions apply.

[source : Lowyat}