uMobile tempts with goodie-laden Huawei P8 bundle

Just another reason to go with uMobile if you'd been planning to switch

The Huawei P8 has been added to uMobile’s smartphone bundle and the best thing is that there are lots of freebies and you can get the device from as low as RM546.

The P8 is offered alongside its Ultimate Device Plans which are RM65, RM95 and RM135 respectively. All three of these plans are tied to a 24 months contract and comes with high-speed data, calls and SMS. If you want to terminate your contract before the 24 months are up, you don’t have to pay any penalty fee but just pay back the subsidy for the number of remaining months left on the contract.

There is no upfront payment if you purchase with your credit card and subscribe to the auto debit service for monthly access fee. If you don’t have a credit card then you would have to pay RM 360 (UD65 = RM15 x 24 months), RM600(UD95 = RM25 x 24 months) or RM 960(UD135 = RM40 x 24 months) for the upfront payment respectively. There is also easy payment from 6 to 36 months but only from specific banks.

[source : LowYat]