Ultrakam app gives you the power to do 4K video recording on your iPhone

If you absolutely must shoot 4K videos on your iPhone, Ultrakam has a rather nifty solution that works with some work
Ultrakam app gives you the power to do 4K video recording on your iPhone

Apple thinks that you don’t need it. But thanks to Ultrakam, you now have the option to shoot 4K videos on your spanking new iPhones.

The iPhone 6 and 6 plus have the processing power to play 4K videos, but they don’t have a 4K shooting feature. Previously, you had to shell out S$40 for Vizzywig for the trick, but Ultrakam’s recently updated app has a 4K solution too, and it goes for mere $12.98.

It’s capable of capturing video in 4K (3264 x 2448) at 50MB/s in MJPEG, at up to 30 frames per second, but fair warning that this puts a lot of strain on the phone. This means you have to free up a lot of resources for recording purposes, and requires that you set up the phone properly before recording; such as restarting the phone to free up memory, and locking the focus for some scenes that may cause framerates to drop.

It’s no wonder really that Apple didn’t make the feature available. Suffice it to say the app is not really suitable for the casual user – it is a ‘pro’-centric app to begin with – and it does its magic when you go about shooting clips with specific shots in mind.

But the results seem worth the trouble if it's something that you think you need, if these user submitted videos are anything to go by.

That being said, the app is not entirely without its creature comforts. It lets you upload to YouTube directly, and you can painlessly transfer the files via Wi-Fi to your desktop for proper editing. Ultrakam also allows you to output the videos via Airplay or HDMI for direct viewing.

Not recommended if you like video shooting to be a start-stop-play process, but if you fancy a bit of tinkering and like the idea of having 4K on your phone as a handy alternative, have a look at the Ultrakam.

[Source: Venture BeatUltrakam]