uKeg keeps your microbrew fresh and cold every time

Now you can have takeaway microbrew that won't go flat by the time you take it home
uKeg keeps your microbrew fresh and cold every time

Microbrews are, to some beer drinkers, the stuff life should be made of. But the thing about microbrewing is the brewing bit - taking home a microbrew usually leaves you disappointed as all too often, it's packed in a way that makes it flat and unexciting when you pour it at home.

Never fear, enterprising Kickstarters are here. The good people at GrowlerWerks in Portland have come up with the uKeg pressurised growler that apparently lets you keep your microbrew fresh so that every pour tastes as though it was just made.

Fresh microbrew goodness

Glass growlers as they're called are how microwbrews are usually packed for take-home drinking. The uKeg is all about keeping air out of your beer, maintaining perfect carbonation and will also keep beer cold for hours.

The uKeg's variable presure regulation helps you customise how much carbonation you want in your beer, making it as easy to use as a seltzer bottle or whipped cream dispenser. All this is made possible via a CO2 cartridge attached to the growler, helping to keep the beer fresh for up to 4 weeks.

It's pretty obvious that a perfect beer growler would be in demand seeing how the Kickstarter is already oversubscribed, going past its US$75,000 goal to sail past US$300,000. What's even more impressive is that the campaign has 45 more days to go.

To get a uKeg of your own, pay US$99 (RM324) and another US$30 (RM98.40) for shipping outside the US.

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