Uber recruits drivers with a navigation game for iOS, Uberdrive

Pretty fun way to recruit Uber drivers and entertain

This seems to be another innovative approach to a problem by Uber as they are always looking for new drivers to add into their ever growing fleet of Uber cars. UberDrive was released by Uber to do just that, to build engagement with the possible recruits and let them know how it feels like to be an Uber driver, virtually.

The Game will have you picking up passengers and then choose the most efficient route to their destinations. You may also learn more about the city that you are in as you travel around and the app provides information on local landmarks. With every successful trip, you unlock new areas of the city with the “fares” earnt. Trivia quizzes are also offered as test to reinforce what you have learnt.

Uber has always had a problem with recruitment as critics deem them as irresponsible in filtering their drivers well enough because most of the Uber drivers are not professional drivers. Uber is hoping this app will help them find much capable Uber “partners” as you reach certain levels of experience, you will be prompted by Uber  to apply to be a “partner” directly via the app.

If this app works well in its current city, we can look forward to more cities being included in the app, but as of right now, the app is only available for San Francisco and only on iOS. Maybe we may even see an Android version of the app.

[Source : Digital Trends]