Uber offering up RM100 worth of free rides

City-wide promo, but no love for Klang Valley or Seremban

After Grab's promo last week, Uber is now offering RM100 worth of free rides. There is, of course, a catch.

Good for the city folks

With the promo code FREERIDES100 keyed in you can claim 25 free rides worth RM4 each. If you trip cost more than RM4, you will still get a discount off your rides by RM4.

That sounds pretty cool, right? Only catch is that the promo code only works for Malaysian cities where Uber operates - it is not valid in the Klang Valley or Seremban however.

How long does the promo go on for? It's valid from 17 February up to 5 March 2017 and you only need to key in the promo code once. So if you're in the cities and planning to make short trips around, the Uber promo is ideal. For longer trips outside the cities? Grab might be your best bet.

Whichever one you choose, why not check out our ridehailing Grab tips right here. What is certain is with all the promos going around, there's never been a better time to hop on a rideshare and take a break from driving.