Uber now lets you get around KL in style

The app based limo service finally comes to Malaysia

With an estimated 2.5 cars per household, it's no wonder driving in KL can be hellish. Let's not mention the scarcity of cabs or even their drivers bad attitudes. So how's one to move from point A to B with ease? Enter Uber, and it even lets you do it in style.

After 14 other cities in the Asia Pacific region and a month of trials in our capital city, the premium car booking app and service is finally here in Malaysia.

Affordable Premium

For the uninformed, Uber is a service where users, through their app, can rent a car with its own driver, to bring you to your destination. Users just need to log into the app/web, request for a car and boom, one will be heading for your location. The app itself will be able to pinpoint your location for pickup, and give you the details of the limo and  driver. It'll even tells you  the estimated time of arrival, and a real-time location map of the car. Nifty.

But what's the difference between Uber and a taxi booking app like MyTeksi? It's the premiumness of the service. Where MyTeksi hooks you up with cab drivers around the city, Uber does it with limo services. Make no mistake though, Uber is not a taxi service but rather a lead generation or connecting service between users and limo companies. And because it is limo companies that's being engaged, the rates are going to be a bit more pricier than your typical taxi rates. Base rates starts from RM 7, with additional RM 0.30 per minute or RM 2 per hour tacked onto your journey. So an average ride from KLCC to KL Sentral will be between RM 26 to RM 33. We know it's not cheap but there's a reason it's been tacked as a premium service. Besides, with the Toyota Camry's that'll be the mode of transport and part the UberBlack car service, some might find it decently priced. Did we mention SOME?

Unfrotunately the service is, for now, limited to the Kuala Lumpur and KLIA areas but it'll be expanded as time progress and demand increases. 

If you need more details on getting around in style with Uber, you can head over to their website or download the app for iOS here and Android here.