Uber app under scrutiny in Malaysia

Popular car-hire app said to be flouting regulations and angering local taxi drivers
Uber app under scrutiny in Malaysia

Uber's certainly been grabbing the headlines. The service has been rolling out fairly quickly across the world but it has gotten quite a lot of flak from, notably, taxi drivers as well as regulatory bodies. Malaysia is the latest country where the app is facing issues as yet again, taxi drivers are unhappy the service exists and it seems Uber is flouting local regulations.

In a statement, Malaysia's Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) said that Uber is not exempt from complying with local regulations. Using private vehicles to carry fares is an offence under Malaysia's Land Public Transport Act 2010, making Uber's services technically illegal.


Uber ban in the works?

Uber app under scrutiny in Malaysia

While SPAD has not outright announced the service's ban, it could be a possibility seeing that the app has been banned in countries such as South Korea. SPAD has attempted to contact Uber but the company has remained incommunicado, not responding to phone calls or emails, the commission said in its statement.

Uber's vehicles are also not covered by commercial insurance and do not go through mandatory semi-annual inspections by local car inspection company Puspakom.tion.

SPAD however did state that it would take a 'pragmatic approach' and allow Uber to continue operating so long as Uber properly licenses its vehicles and drivers.

On Sunday, local taxi operators called on SPAD to act against Uber, calling it a threat to their incomes. Taxi drivers in Europe and the US have also held protests against Uber's encroaching on their territory but the company is taking it in its stride, continuing to expand to new cities.

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