U Mobile's Video Onz gives its customers free video streaming

Even prepaid will get a free data allocation just for video

Will the telco wars never end in Malaysia? U Mobile's just announced free unlimited video streaming for its Hero P70, i90 and i130 plans. It does however come with an expiry date; the service, dubbed Video Onz will only be free until 31 July.

The company is also offering some consolation for its other subscribers - they'll get an extra data allocation for them to use just for streaming video so it won't eat out of their data quota. We feel for Digi right now as the company announced its own unlimited video passes that you needed to pay extra for, but here comes U Mobile saying "We'll just give it to you man!"

Another caveat is that the free streaming will only apply to videos from U Mobile partners, which are:

  • HyppTV Everywhere
  • Viu
  • iflix
  • YouTube
  • YouTube Gaming
  • Youku Tudou
  • Astro-on-the-Go
  • Tonton
  • ErosNow
  • Herotalkies
  • OnFM
  • Pocketimes

U Mobile is also capping speeds at 1.5Mbps and you'll only be able to watch standard definition videos. If you want HD, then your data quota will be deducted instead. So while the feature seems pretty cool on the surface, there are limitations that customers have to take into account and if you have access to Wi-Fi anyway, you'd probably get better quality and better speeds by using it.

Still, it is a neat way to try and convince users to give the service a try. It looks like it's open season on Maxis customers right now anyway so who can blame U Mobile for trying really, really hard?

[Source: U Mobile]