U Mobile's UMI prepaid plans get an extra 1GB for January

The free data is on top of what their existing plans provide

U Mobile is giving its prepaid customers on the Prepaid UMI plan free data. The company handed out 1GB free last month and is giving it out again, just for the month of January.

It's as simple as renewing your UMI subscription. U Mobile offers five UMI plans, namely UMI 20, UMI 25, UMI 30, UMI 38 and UMI 50. The names of the plans indicate how much you'll be paying a month.

Newly introduced is the UMI 25 plan that comes with an offer of an extra free 1GB on top of the plan's 2GB.

To renew UMI subscriptions it's as easy as dialing *118*3*1*1#.

As to how long the promo lasts, U Mobile has only mentioned that it will be for the month of January with no indication that it'll be extended. Our guess? As Chinese New Year is happening next February, the telco will likely have a different deal and promo then. In the meantime, UMI subscribers can enjoy a free 1GB.

[Source: U Mobile]