U Mobile upgrading network, expect hiccups

Don’t panic if your line is a little wonky

U Mobile is in the process of upgrading its network as well as some routine maintenance. The good news: this will hopefully improve the U Mobile experience but expect some disruptions in the coming months.

Faster, maybe?

According to a circular the telco has sent out, the process has been tweaked to be as painless as possible with works being done from midnight until around 6am to 7am.

The specific dates mentioned are 18 July, as well as 3, 8 and 9 August. All services will be up and running by 10 August, said the company.

What does this mean for U Mobile customers? While the upgrading works are being done during non-peak hours, glitches do happen during network upgrades so if just be forewarned for the next coming months.

Should customers need assistance, they can contact the U Mobile customer service line at 0183881318.