U Mobile Tests Out 5G For eMBB And Healthcare In Langkawi

For the future!

5G may be scoffed upon for now as we just want to have good 4G networks, but there's no denying the benefits they offer, especially in the medical field. As such, U Mobile has been working hard to explore how 5G may be leveraged in this aspect and decided to showcase the benefits by conducting a live use case trials in Langkawi. To be specific, U Mobile conducted use cases for enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) and for remote consultation.

To get this going, U Mobile worked together with DoctorOnCall, which is Malaysia's first online medical video-consultation platform that combines advanced video and voice technologies with the medical knowledge and experience of Malaysia’s top doctors. They also worked together with MEDCOM, a 5G-enabled telemedicine device that enables doctors to offer consultation to patients remotely. The device is portable making it easy for use and despite its portability, it is able to provide real time, high-quality, and ultra-reliable clinical, physiological, and diagnostic information for doctors to make decision from a distance.

Together with U Mobile's network, the eMBB case trial demonstrated the seamless, uninterrupted Ultra HD video streaming offered by 5G speeds. Overall, U Mobile's 5G speed peaked at 1.2Gbps, a generally good number to achieve for live cases such as these.

U Mobile intends to do more live use case trials in the future, not only in the medical field, but also virtual tourism and VR gaming. Hopefully, we will see more benefits of 5G that could help develop Malaysia.