U Mobile signs deal with Aeon Credit for iPhone financing

You'll pay (maybe) a little less interest depending on which phone you get

Being the only telco in town offering microcredit financing, U Mobile recently announced a tie-up with Aeon Credit Service for its iPhone models.

What does this mean for iPhone buyers? Well, a chance for a better interest rate for one. While it’s 1.5 per cent for loans below RM3,000, but it’s 1.1 per cent for loans exceeding RM3,000. This differs from U MicroCredit’s previous base rates that ranged from 0.84 per cent to 1.5 per cent.

What will not change is that there is no required upfront payment or deposit, with fast approval for eligible applicants.

With the microcredit scheme, customers will pay about RM148.80 monthly for an iPhone 6S 16GB, with prices scaling depending on the model.