U Mobile now also supports App Store carrier billing

Digi first telco to officially implement the payment method here

If you've been waiting for your telco to support carrier billing for the App Store, there's good news if you're on Digi or Celcom.

UPDATE 31/08/2017: U Mobile made an announcement on social media that it also now supports carrier billing on the App Store, making it three out of four major telcos supporting the payment mode.

Maxis is currently the only holdout but seeing how everyone else has already implemented the feature, we're pretty sure Maxis will make it happen in time. In the meantime, Maxis users will just have to rely on their usual debit/credit cards to pay for Apple iOS services.

Watch your bills now

Digi revealed the new service on its community webpage and has even shown detailed screenshots on how to get up-and-running with the feature. Celcom has also been revealed to be the second telco to adopt the payment method.

Digi and Celcom subscribers will only need to go to the App Store, scroll to the bottom and click on their Apple ID, where you will then be taken to Account Settings. There will now be two payment options: card or mobile number. You even have the option of billing your purchases to a separate number, not on your phone but of course it will need to be the same telco.

This makes Digi the first telco in Malaysia to support carrier billing for Apple's App Store, with Celcom to follow suit.

Digi and Celcom already support carrier billing for Android's Google Play store. It's unclear if U Mobile or Maxis will follow suit but we suspect it's only a matter of time.

As of press time, App Store carrier billing is already live and working on Digi networks.

[Source: Digi]