Two new iPhones and an iWatch? Apple's going to have a busy day tomorrow

Tim Cook looks set to reveal three new iThings if the latest rumours prove to be true
Two new iPhones and an iWatch? Apple's going to have a busy day tomorrow

Apple will have a rather busy day tomorrow, revealing two new iPhones and an iWatch for gadget fans to drool over. If the New York Times' sources are true that is.

A 4.7in iPhone 6 has leaked more times than we can count form various different sources in various different forms, from reportedly genuine metal casings to non-functioning dummy units.

A larger 5.5in phablet iPhone 6 model has also made the rumour rounds over the year, and both devices are expected to arrive rocking iOS 8, along with all of its OS X Yosemite-compatible party tricks.

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Both new iPhones will also reportedly land with a one-handed mode to help faithful Apple users adjust to the larger screens.

NFC - a first for Apple - is also apparently on the cards, along with a new digital payment system partnered up with MasterCard, Visa and American Express, which could finally make NFC properly useful.

And then of course, there's the iWatch. It's been one of Apple's most closely guarded products in recent years, without a single solid leak suggesting what it'll look like when it finally lands. 

We've seen rumours of curved flexible screens, an array of health scanners, modified versions of iOS and much more.

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Whether or not Apple will actually release a trio of iDevices tomorrow remains to be seen, but thankfully we don't have too long to wait until all is revealed.

We'll see you here at 6pm BST for all the action, as it happens.

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