Two new Apple Watch cases by Griffin

Shiny casings for your watches to match the ones on your iPhone

Griffin is now selling Apple Watch cases as can be seen by its recent unveiling of the Survivor Tactical Case and the Ultra Thin Case, one being rugged and protective while the other being slim and stylish.

It is simple to attach  the Survivor Tactical Case which easily snaps on/off with a design that lets you put on or remove the watch without removing the watch band. The cases are available in  Black, White, Blue, Pink and Green, and is sold for US$29.99 for the 38mm and 42mm models.

The Ultra Thin Case on the other hand features a polished sleek metallic look and is just 0.5mm thick, making it the thinnest Apple Watch Case in the market. The colours Polished Yellow Gold, Matte Gold, and Clear, or if you like silver you can opt for Polished Silver or Matte Silver. The cases are available in 38mm and 42mm, and are sold at US$19.99.

[source : 9To5Mac]