Twitter's zombie users: 44 percent have never Tweeted

Nearly half of the social media service's userbase are lying dormant
Twitter's zombie users: 44 per cent have never Tweeted

It's no secret that Twitter has nearly a billion (974 million) users. But Twitter-monitoring site Twopcharts claims that many of those users have not even bothered Tweeting even once. 44 percent of them, in fact.

Of the rest who have Tweeted at least once, only 126 million have Tweeted in the past 30 days. And nearly half of these users sent out their last Tweet a year ago.

Other interesting stats: about roughly 391 million Twitter accounts have 0 followers, while 232 million don't follow anyone at all.


Reading, not Tweeting?

Reading, not Tweeting?

Twitter has not responded to queries about the third-party data, instead choosing to highlight that the service has 241 million average monthly active users as of December 31 last year. That's a 30 percent increase in a year.

It is likely there are people who go on Twitter as passive users, preferring to read Tweets instead of Tweeting. Or Twitter is just one of those services some people join and totally forget about. Like those hundreds of apps you download on that smartphone that you've barely used.

In the meantime, Twitter is also starting to look a lot like Facebook.

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