Twitter's new profile pages look a lot like Facebook

New profile pages are being rolled out in stages while new users get them immediately
Twitter's new profile pages look a lot like Facebook

Hey Twitter, Facebook called and wants its profile page design back. See, Twitter has just started rolling out a new profile design that looks a lot like Facebook's.

The new profiles will see a big cover photo (like Facebook), a three-column layour (like Facebook) and a list recommending people you might know/should follow ( get the drift).

Twitter breezily announced on its blog: "Starting today, it will be even easier (and, we think, more fun) to express yourself through a new and improved web profile."

Your most popular tweets will now be larger and Twitter calls them your 'Best Tweets' and if you choose, you can pin your Tweets to make them even easier to find. There's also a new option to filter Tweets by Tweets, Tweets with media like photo and videos or the popular Tweets and mentions.

If you wanted another Facebook...

Twitter's new profile pages look a lot like Facebook

So far a handful of big-name Twitter users have already had their profiles updated including singer John Legend, actor Channing Tatum and band Weezer. Here's a list that Twitter's handily compiled so you can ogle and know what to expect.

New users to Twitter will find themselves automatically upgraded to the new look. We're not sure where Twitter is going with this but you have to admit the new design is easy on the eyes.

[Source: Twitter]