Twitter for tablets, but only for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1?

In a surprising turn, Twitter is giving Samsung exclusive dibs and plans to roll out the app onto Samsung tablets first

Looks like Twitter is showing Samsung some big love by rolling out a tablet-optimised Twitter app for Android that is going to be available first for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition. It's pretty surprising why the company is not rolling out just one app for all Android tablets but is focusing on this device in particular.

S-Pen integration

What the new Twitter app brings to the table is a better experience in landscape mode. Which makes sense for the decision to port this to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1  since Samsung has a yen for tablets favouring the horizontal view, as opposed to the iPad's preferred default vertical orientation.

Twitter's also worked with Samsung for some sweet unique features that include a multi-screen view so you can Tweet and use another app at the same time and a custom widget. What's the coolest bit? S-Pen integration which allows you to doodle on images and share them via Twitter.

Other Samsung tablets will likely get a taste of the brand new app by year-end, says Samsung, while the rest of the other brands will just have to wait.

[Source: Techcrunch]